Moderation and Consideration, photo by Ike Lee

Moderation and Consideration

During my free time, I began to focus on my backyard, practicing the art of planting trees and grooming flowers. To learn more about nursery work, I asked my friend’s wife, Sandy, the master of gardening, to educate me, and visited her garden a few times. I indeed began to appreciate even more about nature from visiting her stunning home garden.

What caught my eyes the most from the vast garden was the chirping of the countless different kinds of birds that fluttered around the bird feeders hanging from the branches and captured my heart.

I figured this was it, so I enlisted Sandy’s help and ended up investing my time pruning the trees for birds and installing bird feeders, bird baths, and many other toys in the visible areas next to the windows of my home.

Watching these birds has been quite entertaining, and I have also learned so many things as they’ve challenged me to think in new ways.

For example, I noticed the birds would never overeat, no matter how much food I placed in the feeder. When they were hungry, they would fly into my yard, nibble a little, and then fly away to seek shelter from other birds. I’m sure that overeating with such a small body would strain the bird’s wings and even affect its flight. So instead, the birds must act in moderation and live with discipline.

When I observed the birds, with their small body size, keeping the hierarchical order, I sometimes felt ashamed with how humans, no matter how rich they were and capable of having more control over their power, still lived with anxiety, as if they were always lacking and needing more.

Two words came to my mind as I watched these birds. Moderation and Consideration! I thought these two words were what we needed as a reminder in our daily lives.

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