Author: Ike Lee

Keep Moving!

Here’s a heart-warming story regarding space: NASA’s New Horizon spacecraft carried the ashes of American astronomer Clyde Tombaugh, who discovered Pluto on February 18, 1930. New Horizon left Earth on January 19, 2006 and traveled for nine years, three billion miles, to reach Pluto. Recently there has been a lot of positive news about traveling […]

8 Proven Networking Strategies from a Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist

Networking is an oft-used word that has become cliché in many quarters. Many people talk about networking, but few do it right. The Los Altos Golf & Country Club, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, is an oasis of greenery and fresh air that offers to its select members a therapeutic escape from the […]

Startups should believe in the power of branding

Good branding is more than just your logo While I was attending innovfest unbound earlier this year, I met a lot of Singapore start-ups – both those exhibiting in booths and pitching at start-up challenges. I noticed that many of them do not pay enough attention to building or leveraging their brand. When compared with their U.S. […]

Start-ups ‘cannot run on just passion’

Veteran venture capitalist shares message at NUS Enterprise event By GRACE CHNG  SENIOR CORRESPONDENT FOUNDERS of start-ups usually have plenty of passion but their in­ability to roll out viable business plans and tendency to focus on short-term success rather than long-term strategy means failure is often inevitable. That is the sobering message from serial entrepreneur and ven­ture […]

Networking that works: Lessons from a career in Silicon Valley

Ike Lee, Lee Technology Consulting and adjunct professor in the Department of Strategy and Policy at National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School. More than 20 years ago I landed for the first time in Silicon Valley speaking barely a word of English and not knowing anyone. Since then I’ve built up my own tech […]

Ike Lee’s Eight Tips For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist and angel investor Ike Lee recently joined NUS Business School as an adjunct professor. Here are Ike’s top eight tips for aspiring entrepreneurs eager to bring their game-changing business idea into reality: Focus on the customer “Successful businesses are always built around the customer and the customer experience. Give total attention […]